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Grand Monaco Casino is Newest from Microgaming

July 28 marks the launching of Grand Monaco Casino, a brand new venue from Microgaming. The Grand Monaco Casino will be a welcome addition in the small pool of Microgaming licensed online casinos.

It appears that the world's largest online casino software provider has strengthened its efforts into maintaining its widely successful licensees in their campaign for increased market shares.

The breadth of the company's efforts also indicate that there is an intense focus on taking the casino platform to new heights, creating a bigger challenge for its competitors.

Grand Monaco Casino is run by one of the best teams of online casino executives to be put together. The key members of the Grand Monaco Casino team boast of being involved in the founding of some of today's most successful online casino operators.

With this, players are assured all-new and groundbreaking gambling experience, combined with faultless service while being based on the most exhilarating online gambling platform available in the market.

Online Gambling Insider, a leading online gambling portal, is welcoming the addition of the Grand Gaming Group into the gambling industry.

Ryan D, co-founder end chief editor at Online Gambling Insider, said: "We are delighted with the arrival on the scene of The Grand Gaming Group and their first online casino, Grand Monaco. We are convinced that online casino enthusiasts around the world will realize from the second that they visit the website that they are dealing with a highly professional group."