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Don't Gamble at Night

Ever notice a pattern of big loss during playing poker or blackjack at night? Scientists have noticed this and are probing why gamblers lose big time during the night. Their first culprit was lack of sleep. Now gamblers have become favorable subjects for sleep research to prove if really it is sleep.

Some players may have noticed making unsound decisions during a night of gaming. They never realized it until the game is far over. They could perceive a bad hand as worthy of a raise only to lose the bet later on. Such phenomenon might also be perceptive by those gambling online.

Exhaustion will upset one's thinking. Experts say that not having enough sleep makes one prone to accidents. History is witness of such statements with the accident at Chernobyl for example which happened, you guessed it, at night. For gamblers that means accidentally raising the bet without thorough thinking. For those online, it could be as simple as clicking for the wrong virtual poker room.

In an experiment to test the result of sleep deprivation on decision-making two types of gambler were pitted against each other. One group was comprised of gamblers who barely had rest and the other who rested well enough and refreshed.

The result of the study revealed that when sleep is cut short, gamblers go into jeopardous, high-paying options.

By studying further the brains of these gamblers with scanners (MRI), a certain part of the brain becomes more active compared to those seen in well-rested subjects. The scientists added that one's adeptness to learn from past mistakes is arrested. Losing does not take its toll until later when one's mind clears. The gambler is not deeply involved with the bad consequences in holding risky cards. That makes matters worse.

When such learning is arrested, the brain is only pushing for high stakes and is gambling and not folding even in cases of a bad hand. One's brain becomes only focused on the gains and not the reality of one's hand. This muddled thinking is similar to those experiencing insomnia that wake up in the middle of the night confused.

The good thing is that these gamblers are choosing decks that are of great advantage to them. And so the scientists are now advising gamblers to carry watches or be conscious of the time so as to rest after hours and hours of play. Most importantly just don't neglect how important sleep is to a gambler. This sleep study on gamblers has shed a new light on the perils of playing when tired.